Internet Surveillance

By S. Raghul

1Have you ever wondered about this ………

When you register for any social networking site or mailing service , you don’t pay anything . But how do their CEO’s manage to be multi – billionaires ? They maintain so many  huge – servers and over heads for offering their services , but how do they still  manage to  provide it all free of cost and still remain multi – billionaire companies of the world ?

Its simple . When anything is offered for free, the end user is made the product .

Do you think the mails and messages you send through these websites are directly sent to the receiver without any scrutiny ? If you think yes, you are absolutely wrong . It might be alarming but each and every mail you send is opened by the mail service website before it reaches the destination .

Opened in the sense , not literally but sort of .Your mail undergoes scrutiny by  very smart algorithms  which searches for keywords and then knows about your needs . Then it sells your needs to the respective companies which advertise you directly . For example you send a mail to your friend that you lost your watch today . You will see tomorrow that  several watch ads pop up on your screen tomorrow .

So without your consent , the mail service which you trust the most has betrayed you by selling your information for money .

But can we really term it as betrayal ? Because it all has been stated in the end – user terms and policy statement , which we miss to read before registering for the mail service .

This does not happen only with mailing services but with all communication services . Social networking sites are more smart because they have more data about your day – to – day activities through your posts , photos and messages .

When we search for any product or any service on the web , we will witness that ads related to the subject we searched   will pop up on the screen soon after that . It is a result of internet surveillance .


Some companies which rule the internet world  have search engines , mailing service , video streaming services ,web browsers,  social networking and literally A –Z of the internet  . So that they advertise us through any of these modes and extract money from the advertising companies for advertising too , in addition to selling our data to those companies .

You would have noticed that when you are searching for a particular product on an e-commerce website  , your browser will pop up the same products sold by some other website .

Your browser has instantly sold your data to another e-commerce website . Now do you remember paying anything while downloading your browser ?

2So you are constantly subjected to surveillance and you leave digital foot prints on the web .

 How to stop this ? This may not be so simple as it sounds . But there exists a way . Instead of using a centralized server system , go for a system where you can directly send a mail or photo to your  destination device . This method is called mesh networking . Sorry for going into technical aspects .  But it too has got its own limitations . So the only way is that you need to be very careful while sharing data as you  leave your footprints on the web !!!

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