Written by S. Raghul
4“The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent and that’s power because they control the mind of the masses.”

           –      MALCOLM X


Has this power been used properly by the Indian media? The reason I have used “Mediaaaa” is because I just wanted to do exactly what our Indian media does – create hype and exaggeration.


Probably it was the reason why the Indian media was fired and ousted in Nepal during the recent devastating earthquakes. It was heartbreaking to see the #GoBackIndianMedia   trending on Nepalese Twitter accounts.

Contrastingly , the several hundred strong Indian army men were lending all possible help to the grief-stricken nation ,but as usual , the Indian media had landed on the disaster hit nation and playing its game of hype and politics .

Of course, I do not deny the fact that media is our window to the world. It was they who provided the live footages of 26/11 incident in Mumbai, at the risk of their lives. The media provides lot of information instantly in the form of their flash news and trending news, but the question is how authentic and sensible that piece of news is.  The double standard of the media has been exposed many times in the past. This is clearly seen by the difference meted out when a news strikes from the national capital and a news striking from the rest of the nation.

Why did Delhi Gang rape case pick such momentum in the pseudo- intellect media when such brutal incidents from other parts of the nation do not even gain a place of mention?


Delhi Media


Bihar Media

Why did the recent farmer suicide at an AAP rally get such attention when farmer suicides are reported widely all over the nation? It is because the issue had great scope and potential to be politicised. And the central parties started their ugly blame game with a good amount of media backup.

To put it straight, the Media is only worried about just one thing – TRP/Viewership/Readership or whatever one may call it.

What’s worse, majority of the stake in media is held by politicians, who find it a great platform to publicise and accuse the other parties and tarnish the image of the opposition. Now, how would one expect the Media to be clean, with this political domination?3

This can be easily understood in a state like Tamil Nadu where most of the TV channels, barring a few, keep ringing in news, heaping praises on their respective leaders and defending them when they are accused.

The Media has to take the nation forward, but our media, off late, has been pulling the nation down. Most of the countries now regard the Indian media as the “Puppet of politicians “.

Seriously, this has to change. There has to be a stringent regulatory body with harder rules. Politicians should not be allowed to hold any stake in the Media and the TRP system has to be replaced by the authenticity meter system, where the audience review the media by their level of authenticity. Only then can our media help India in its journey towards a developed nation. Otherwise, the future of the nation remains bleak.


Written by S. Raghul

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