Written by Dharani Ulaganathan


It was the wish of a 9 year old girl to have a laptop, as her friends boasted on having it the previous day. Hectic schedule overloading her dad, she was reluctant to speak for her wish.

A couple of days to go, and her birthday was nearing. Just few hours before the eve, she had a dream. Quite a bad one for her, as her dad forgot to wish her first on her birthday, which was an unusual scenario, as he would be the first to wish her every time. This was not the case that time. When she was about to feel bad for it, she had a sensation of touch. Expecting it to be her dad and slowly opening her eyes uttering ‘Paapa’, she was amazed to find her dad standing in front, wishing her ‘Happy Birthday’.

Her dad was surprised and asked how she knew that it was him. She then spoke about the DREAM she had the previous night. Her dad exclaimed, “How will I be, without wishing the World’s Most Beautiful daughter of mine?” She screamed “Paapa” once again and tears welled up in her bluish eyes.

What’s more, there was a complete celebration and she received a gift from her dad. With much excitement, she opened it and was dumbstruck! Her joy knew no bounds on seeing it. She ran swiftly and hugged her dad.

Yes, it was a Laptop!!!

On questioning how he knew about her wish of getting a laptop,

Dad said, “I too had a DREAM, my dear Child!”


#DAD AND DAUGHTER BOND results in moments, where words go scarce and emotions rule!


Now, Personifying this small dolly to a big Cherub, Miss Janani Selvan, I wish her to have a very Happy and Joyful Birthday! (May 8)


Written by Dharani Ulaganathan

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