Directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., the story revolves around Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee who’s simply fantastic), who works as an intelligence officer for T.A.S.C (A fictitious branch of the National Investigation Agency). He works with passion and determination, barring his low salary and the risks involved in his work. His wife is Suchitra,[…]

Umpteen Reasons Why – Pulp Fiction

Ever since the creation of cinema, there have been countless debates about what makes a great film. A brilliant story, interesting characters, a star-studded cast of talented actors and a great crew are just some of the essential ingredients and they all come together in this classic.       Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Pulp Fiction which released[…]

Movie review-Kaappan.

  To start, my expectations for Kaapaan weren’t high after the much-hyped NGK performed poorly at the box office.  I stepped into the theatre with a clear mind and surprisingly found the movie to be a fast-paced thriller. The story is about how the selfless, good-intentioned Prime Minister of India (played by Mohanlal), is protected[…]