The inaugural ceremony and the biggest talk show of TED club of  MIT took place on the 29th of September at Rajam hall. INNOVATE’18 was the title of this TED inspired event under the theme – “OUT OF THE BOX”. Inauguration started at 10:00 A.M. Mr A.Rajadurai, The Dean-MIT, Dr P.Prakash, President-TED club, K.Keerthi Yazhni,[…]

Know Your Clubs – E Cell

“Our society has enough engineers today, but it deserves enough entrepreneurs as well.” says Tabark Ulla, Chairperson of Entrepreneurship Club of MIT, Final Year Auto, in an Interview with the MIT Quill.   MIT never had a club for entrepreneurship for the longest time until E-cell was founded last year. Am I right?       […]

Know Your Clubs – Personality Development Association

“On the whole, we strive towards the development of the personality of students in all aspects which will help them discover themselves.”  says Ramya Sekar, Chairperson of Personality Development Association, Final Year ECE, in an interview with The MIT Quill.   1. PDA is a long standing club in MIT and its roots are dated[…]

Know Your Clubs – Vibez

This is the third installment in the series Know Your Clubs , an initiative to  bring various clubs to the spotlight, explaining their core principles, purpose and vision.    “With more coordination and hard work, we have enough talent to go places” says Srivats Mohan, the chairman of the college band VIBEZ. Here is an interview of him,[…]