In Conversation – Placement Diaries

“Data Structures and Design patterns are equally important” says Srinivas, final year student from The Department Of Computer Technology. Let’s see what the CISCO placed MITIAN has to share with us.   Can you tell us about the selection criteria and process behind your placement?   There is a program called the ‘CISCO International Internship[…]

In Conversation – Placement Diaries

We, The MIT Quill are happy to present our new column – “In Conversation” , where we interview people within the college who we believe posses experiences and thoughts to be shared, right from the security guards to our seniors so as to create an healthy bonding in the campus which would be of interests[…]

Placements 101 – #4

An interview of Elango Prasad of Electronics and Communication Engineering by  Shyam Kamal   Before we begin, why don’t you introduce yourself? Hello. I am Elango, from ECE- S batch, final year. I am very passionate about sports, movies and TV series. I am also an avid book reader, and I write about things that[…]

Placements 101 – #3

Subhadra Gopalakrishnan in conversation with Vijay Madhavan, a student of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering placed at Cypress Semiconductors. Why don’t we start off this Interview by introducing you to our Readers? Tell us something about yourself. I’m Vijay Madhavan, final year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Well, I’m someone who tries to enjoy what I do.[…]

Placements 101 – #1

Love it or hate it, placements set the tone for the fourth year. Everything revolves around it. Classes (or the lack of them), motivational speeches, advice from staff, feverish preparation, discussions with friends and seniors… suddenly, every aspect of your college life has been taken over this one word alone – ‘placements’. Everyone, from your[…]