INNOVATOR BACKGROUND     SRIRAM Independent Security Researcher Founder and CTO – Primefort He has worked on application penetration testing and has been listed in the hall of fame of Barracuda Labs, Apple, Blackberry, 500px, Freshbooks, Splash ID and many other companies for reporting severe vulnerabilities. He has also trained more than 45,000 students in[…]

Movie review-Kaappan.

  To start, my expectations for Kaapaan weren’t high after the much-hyped NGK performed poorly at the box office.  I stepped into the theatre with a clear mind and surprisingly found the movie to be a fast-paced thriller. The story is about how the selfless, good-intentioned Prime Minister of India (played by Mohanlal), is protected[…]

YRC 2019

The inauguration of Youth Red Cross took place on 6 September 2019 at 4.30 pm in Rajam Hall. The event started with Tamizhthai vaazhthu. The welcome address was delivered by DR. G Anandh Kumar, YRC Programme officer. DR. K Elangovan, YRC Programme officer, briefed the crowd about the activities of YRC for the year 2019-2020,[…]


The Association of Production Engineers (TAPE) Inauguration was conducted on August 29th, 2019, in the Seminar Hall, new PT Dept Building. It was presided over by students and eminent professors of the department including, Dean Dr. T. Thiyagarajan, HOD& TAPE President Dr. R. Sivaramakrishnan, TAPE Vice President Dr. P. Karthikeyan & Former Dean & HOD[…]


Movie: Thanneer Mathan Dinangal Cast: Matthew Thomas, Anaswara Rajan, Vineeth Srinivasan. Language: Malayalam   A nostalgic school age drama that tells about Jaison and the three things which trouble his mind. A school story which actually shows what kids do at school and not something which is portrayed in other school films. The humour flows all[…]